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People: Inviting Meeting Participants

You can specify the meeting chair and the people who you want to attend the meeting. Additionally, you can specify whether or not all participants have permission to present content during the meeting.

Choosing the Chair

By default, the meeting creator appears as the chair. You can also choose another chair .

Choosing Participants

When you choose participants for a meeting, only the people you choose can see the meeting listed in the Meeting Center. This is a good choice if you only want specific people to see information about the meeting and to attend the meeting. This option is particularly secure because everyone who attends the meeting must log in to IBM® Lotus® Sametime® with a user name and password.

Granting permission to present

You can also specify whether or not everyone has permission to present content during the meeting. Anyone with permission to present can upload files, show slides, draw on the whiteboard, and share their screens.

Note Once the meeting has begun, the chair then can grant or revoke permission to present for individual participants.

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